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When choosing a Taekwon-Do Academy for adults and more importantly for children, it is vital that you ask yourself some very important questions.

These attributes are necessary for any instructor and Academy but unfortunately as in any sport not all Academies or schools hold these same principles to heart as we at Turners Cross Taekwon-Do Academy do.

At Turners Cross Taekwon-Do Academy we have an open-door policy, where parents are welcome to observe  classes (quietly) from the back of the  hall.

For your information and for confidence in our ability to provide professional and qualified instruction, please click on the profile to confirm the qualifications pertaining to both Mr Ken Leahy (6th Degree Chief Instructor) and Turners Cross Taekwon-Do Academy.


Mr Ken Leahy VI Degree Black Belt And Chief Instructor Of Turners Cross Taekwon-Do Academy

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